cold maceration


cold maceration

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c. n.


Maceration of grape skins with juice at low temperatures prior to the addition of yeast. 1


The cold maceration process before the alcoholic fermentation of red wines improves the acqueous extraction of flavour and taste components obtained from the skins, as opposed to the alcoholic extraction that occurs during alcoholic fermentation. As a result of the low maceration temperature the alcoholic fermentation is delayed and extraction from the skins limited. Wines made in this way generally have more fruit flavours, flavour and colour intensity as well as improved mouthfeel with less tartness. Cold maceration usually occurs between 4 and 15°C for a period of two to seven days. 2


[...] cold maceration [...] may be useful to increase anthocyanin to tannin ratio for lightly coloured varieties by increasing the time of extraction from the skins without the simultaneous increase in extraction from the seeds. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[kəʊldmæsəreɪʃn] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

cryomaceration 5; pre-fermentation maceration 6; cold soak. 7


Maceration: from L. maceratio(n-). 8

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