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The layer of fruit pulp, skins, and possibly seeds that forms on top of the must during fermentation of wine. 1


The cap forms when carbon dioxide emitted by the yeast rises to the surface, carrying solid material with it. The steady rise of CO2 keeps the solids at the surface where they form a "cap." The surface of the cap should not be allowed to dry out, as it is a perfect medium for mould growth. One should "punch down the cap" at least daily, but preferably twice a day. This keeps the cap moist and, by submerging it briefly, coats it with sulphite-bearing wine that kills mould spores (assuming, that is, that the must was treated with Campden tablets or potassium metabisulphite initially). 2


The cap of skins and pulp floating on top of the juice in red-wine fermentation inhibits flavour and colour extraction, may rise to an undesirably high temperature, and may acetify if allowed to become dry. 3

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[kæp] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

O.E. cæppe "hood, head-covering, cape," from L.L. cappa "a cape, hooded cloak," possibly a shortened from capitulare "headdress," from L. caput "head" (see head). Meaning "women's head covering" is early 13c. in English; extended to men late 14c. Of cap-like coverings on the ends of anything (e.g. hub-cap) from mid-15c. Meaning "contraceptive device" is first recorded 1916. "Cap-shaped piece of copper lined with gunpowder and used to ignite a gun" is c.1826; extended to paper version used in toy pistols, 1872. The L.L. word apparently originally meant "a woman's head-covering," but the sense was transferred to "hood of a cloak," then to "cloak" itself, though the various senses co-existed. O.E. took in two forms of the L.L. word, one meaning "head-covering," the other "ecclesiastical dress" (see cape (1)). In most Romance languages, a dim. of L.L. cappa has become the usual word for "head-covering" (cf. Fr. chapeau). As a verb, from c.1400; meaning "to excell" is from 1821, originally dialectal. Related: Capped; capping.5

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