champagne method


champagne method

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c. n.


The traditional method for making Champagne, in which the second fermentation occurs within the bottle. A legally protected term - only Champagne may wear this on the label - although the method is used the world over. 1


The secondary, inside-the-bottle fermentation that is used to create authentic Champagne and other high quality sparkling wines. It's what creates the bubbles in the finest sparkling wines, but it is an expensive, labor-intensive process. Cheaper bubblies are made by the Charmat process. It starts by making wines. Usually white wines. Wines, plural. A blend of a number of wines is used to achieve consistency year after year. The wines are assembled into a "cuvée", which just means a blend of wines. Blending is considered by most experienced winemakers to be the key to the art of méthode champenoise. 2


From 1994 other sparkling wines may not have, by law, the term Champagne method or méthode Champenoise ascribed to them to indicate their method of production. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[ʃæmˈpeɪn ˈmeθ.əd] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Traditional method, méthode Champenoise. 5


Champagne: French, abbreviation of vin de Champagne, “wine made in the province of Champagne”, a name derived from Late Latin “campania”,“plain, open country”.
Method: Latin methodus, from Greek methodos pursuit of knowledge, mode of investigation, from meta + hodos way. 6

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