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A term applied to a wine with distinctive, obvious features, either pertaining to its style or its variety. Although character has nothing to do with a wine's quality, one without it is considered dull. 1


Wine character–its taste and smell–is derived from many factors including the grapes it is made from, where they were grown, and the production techniques applied by the wine maker, or enologist.
[…] A wine’s character is strongly affected by wine growing, or viticultural practices such as training, trellising, harvesting, and pruning. Training and trellising enable the viticulturalist to control the sun exposure to ensure the grapes ripen evenly. Grapes harvested when they are not ripe may be low in sugar and may not ferment properly. Overly ripe grapes have very high sugar content and produce wine high in alcohol. […] The single most important factor that contributes to a wine’s character is the grapes that are used. Grapes influence the wine’s flavor, alcohol content, acidity, and even its color. 2


The unctuous, opulent 2003 Laville Haut-Brion is stunningly rich, full-bodied, and intense. Reminiscent of the 1989 and 1994, it offers a powerful, concentrated, honeyed grapefruit character intermixed with citrus oil, flowers, and waxy marmalade, admirable acidity, and a tremendous mouthfeel as well as length. 3

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[ˈkærəktə(r)] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

c.1315, from O.Fr. caractere, from L. character, from Gk. kharakter "engraved mark," from kharassein "to engrave," from kharax "pointed stake." Meaning extended by metaphor to "a defining quality." 5

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