intense aromatic persistance


intense aromatic persistance

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adj.+ c.n.


Gustatory and olfactory sensations perceived after having expelled wine from the mouth. 1


The duration of I.A.P. is an important indicator of quality. It can be measured in seconds. In a well-made young wine aromas usually last from 3-7 seconds. In a fine, mature wine they should last from 7-10 seconds and in exceptional cases they may linger up to 15 seconds or more. A wine is described as short if the I.A.P. lasts less than 2 seconds, or in any case less than the norm for its type. 2


The impact on the nose is intense with scents of fruit with signs of raspberry, generously full-bodied, well structured and endowed with an intense aromatic persistence. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[in'tens ,ære'mætik pe'sistens] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

I.A.P. 5


Intense: c.1400, from M.Fr. intense, from L. intensus "stretched, strained, tight," originally pp. of intendere "to stretch out, strain". 6

Aroma: c.1220, from L. aroma "sweet odor," from Gk. aroma (gen. aromatos) "seasoning, sweet spice," of unknown origin. 7

Persistence: noun – middle French persistence (French persistance), from persistant, “lasting, enduring, persistent”. 8

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