iron casse


iron casse

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c. n.


A non-bacterial disease of wines, characterized by a coloured haziness and caused by metallic ions in solution, causing a fine precipitate to form. 1


Faults of chemical nature are mainly related to an excess in wine of heavy metals (iron, copper, aluminium, zinc, tin, nickel) and are called “casses”. 2
Iron casse, together with copper casse, have plagued the wine industry off and on for decades. Both were identified as coming from traces of copper and/or iron picked up by the wine from brass fittings or steel pumps and tanks during processing. 3
The chemical causes of iron casse are: colloidal ferric phosphate, oxidation of free ferrous ions, in presence of excess phosphate, and formation of suspended aggregates of ferric phosphates which eventually settle out and form a white deposit. 4
The best cure is the simple preventative of not using metal containers. If a wine develops casse, the addition of citric acid will prevent further precipitation. The precipitate which has already formed can be eliminated by aeration, followed by the addition of tannin. The wine should then be fined, allowed to settle, and racked off the resulting sediment. 5


Protection against iron casse can be ensured if the wine receives 50-100 mg of ascorbic acid per liter beforehand. 6

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/ˈaɪən kɑs/

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Casse (break): from the French verb “casser” (to break), from the Latin verb “quassare”.
Iron: Chemical symbol Fe is from the Latin word for the metal, “ferrum”, from P.Gmc. *isarnan (holy/strong metal). 7

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