grape arbor


grape arbor

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c. n.


An arbor where grapes are grown. 1


[…] At planting, grapes should be pruned back to two buds. […] As the vine begins to grow, select the strongest cane and train it up the arbor post. All side canes should be tipped to simulate the trunk. During the second and third year, allow one trunk to develop, with all the side canes pruned off as they develop. A single cane should be selected to grow across the arbor to form the cordon. 2

Vines planted for training on a trellis are normally placed 8 feet apart, while those planted for training on an arbor can be placed 4 feet apart. Before growth begins the second year, a support for the vines, either a trellis or an arbor, must be provided. Care of vines the second year is similar to that of the first year. However, during the second season, a system for training the vines should be selected. […] 3


[…] there are the classic grape arbors, in which case the structure has a horticultural function -- serving as a trellis for a crop. Specifically grape arbors come to mind for this use due to their historical prevalence. 4

Trascrizione fonetica

[greɪp] [ˈɑː.bər] 5

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Grape arbour. (UK) 6


Arbor: c.1300, herber, "herb garden," from O.Fr. erbier "field, meadow; kitchen garden," from L. herba "grass, herb" (see herb). Later "a grassy plot" (early 14c., a sense also in Old French).

Grape: mid-13c., from O.Fr. grape "bunch of grapes, grape". (12c.) 7

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