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neck label

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Small label of varying shape, mostly elongated, placed on the neck of a bottle. 1


Every wine in commercial circulation has to have a main label, as its passport quite apart from its function as a sales aid. Many wines also have a neck label, typically carrying the vintage year so that the producer need not have new main labels printed for each new vintage (although labelling requirements can change so rapidly that in practice this sometimes seems necessary). 2


Decanter neck label with chain to hand around the top of your wine, port or spirit decanter. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[nɛk ˈleɪbəl] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Neck: Middle English nekke, from Old English hnecca, ‘nape of the neck’, related to Old Frisian hnekka, Middle Dutch necke, Dutch nek, ‘neck’, Old Norse hnakkr, hnakki, Danish, Norwegian nakke, Swedish nacke, ‘nape of the neck’, Old High German hnach, hnac, nac, Middle High German nac, nacke, German Nacken, of same meaning, and cognate with Old Irish cnocc, Irish cnoc, Welsh cnwch, Old Breton conch, ‘hill’, Tocharian kñuk, ‘nape’.

Label: Middle English, from Old French label, lambel, ‘a strip’ (whence French lambeau, ‘strip, rag, shred, tatter, fragment, scrap’), probably from Frankish *labba. 5

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