vertical shoot positioning


vertical shoot positioning

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A training system in which growth is trained upward from low cordons, most often associated with Vitis vinifera wine grapes. Commonly referred to as VSP.1


VSP stands for vertical shoot position and refers to a popular type of trellis system used to grow grapes. In this trellis the canopy is not divided. The system is traditionally used where there is a high risk of fungus as the trellis keeps the foliage away from the ground and allows for good air circulation and light exposure. VSP offers many advantages over other trellis systems, including that it looks nice when trimmed, can be used with machine harvesters, all the fruit is grown in one zone, and it suits the majority of wine grapes.2


Cultivars with an upright to semi-upright grow habit adapt well to the low cordon system and vertical shoot positioning.3

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/ˈvɜːtɪkəl ʃuːt pəˈzɪʃənɪŋ/ 4

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[i:ab=]Vertical Shoot Positioning[/i:ab]


Vertical: 1550s, "of or at the vertex, directly overhead," from Middle French vertical (1540s), from Late Latin verticalis "overhead," from Latin vertex (genitive verticis) "highest point". Meaning "straight up and down" is first recorded 1704.

Shoot: "young branch of a tree or plant," mid-15c., from shoot (v.).

Position: late 14c., as a term in logic and philosophy, from Old French posicion "position, supposition" (Modern French position), from Latin positionem (nominative positio) "act or fact of placing, situation, position, affirmation," noun of state from past participle stem of ponere "put, place," from PIE *po-s(i)nere, from *apo- "off, away" + *sinere "to leave, let". 5

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