lactic acid


lactic acid

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c. n.


One of the milder acids in wine, present in much lower concentrations than either malic acid or tartaric acid. 1


Enologists have known for some time that young wines frequently have a secondary evolution of carbon dioxide, occurring sometime after the completion of alcoholic fermentation. This results from malolactic fermentation, in which malic acid is broken down into lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The fermentation is caused by enzymes produced by certain lactic-acid bacteria. 2


Malolactic fermentation: a natural conversion of malic acid into lactic acid, which softens the total acidity of a wine; an optional process in white wine production. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[ˈlæk.tɪk ˈæs.ɪd] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Hydroxypropanic acid. 5


C3H6O3 6


Lacto- a learned borrowing from Latin meaning "milk", used in the formation of compound words; specialized in chemical terminology to mean "lactate" or "lactic acid" combining form representing Latin lact- (stem of lac). Acid from Latin acid(us), sour, akin to acer sharp, acetum vinegar. 7

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