latent bud


latent bud

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c. n.


A dormant bud, usually hidden or buried in the wood, which is over one year old and which may remain dormant indefinitely unless the vine suffers a major injury that makes it necessary to produce new shoots. 1


Depending on genetic and environmental factors, lateral buds may differentiate into shoots during the year they are produced. More commonly the may remain dormant, becoming latent buds. 2


Late frosts and hailstorms occurring in the spring often produce the same effects as shoot removal by topping, but latent bud development is disorganized, resulting in bushy vegetation. 3

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[ˈleɪ.tənt bʌd] 4

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Dormant bud. 5




Latent: mid-15c., from L. latentem (nom. latens), prp. of latere "to lie hidden," from PIE *laidh-, from base *la- "to be hidden" (cf. Gk. lethe "forgetfulness, oblivion," O.C.S. lajati"to lie in wait for"). 6

Bud: late 14c., budde, origin unknown, perhaps from O.Fr. boter "push forward, thrust," itself a Germanic word (cf. Du. bot "bud," O.S. budil "bag, purse," Ger. Beutel), or from O.E. budd "beetle." The verb is c.1400. 7

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