lixiviation of the marc


lixiviation of the marc

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c. n.


[Extraction of organic compounds by draining] the solid parts of the berry and the marc by special distribution of the marc in the midst of the liquid. 1


Process by means of which the marc (skins and cluster stalks) is kept submerged in the must by punching down, or the must is pumped from the bottom part of the cask or vat to the top and sprayed over the head. This process can be either intermittent or continuous.
Repeated contact between the must and the mark prevents the drying out of the cap, encourages useful aeration and enriches the wine with colour, tannins or other soluble components, as well as favouring the distribution of the yeasts. 2


The second process, sprinkling or lixiviation of the marc, may be either intermittent or continuous, and is widely used in the South of France. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[lɪxɪvɪˈeɪʃn əv ðə maːk] 4

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lixiviation: LL lixivium lye derived from lixa lye;
marc: French (from marcher to walk (originally, to tread, trample, ultimately from late Latin marcus hammer)). 5

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