leaf removal


leaf removal

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c. n.


Vineyard practice aimed at helping to control botrytis bunch and other bunch rots, and at improving grape composition and therefore wine quality. 1


Winegrowers have practiced leaf removal to influence different wine styles and allow air circulation to fight disease pressure. [...]
The main reasons behind leaf removal for most growers are combating disease by allowing more air flow, favoring skin thickening, and influencing wine style. However, there are a range of options pertaining to the quantity of leaves to be removed or retained without damaging the grapes or the vine. 2


Good canopy management techniques, including shoot positioning and removal, cluster thinning, hedging, shoot tipping and leaf removal, are essential tools for growing high-quality wine grapes in our region. 3

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[liːf rɪˈmuː.vəl] 4

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To defoliate. 5


Leaf: O.E. leaf "leaf of a plant, page of a book," from P.Gmc. laubaz. 6
removal: (from "to remove") O.Fr. remouvoir, from L. removere "move back or away," from re- "back, away" + movere "to move". 7

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