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To expose wine to air in preparation for drinking it, usually with the intention of allowing off-odors to escape from an older wine, or softening the harshness of a younger wine. 1


Many red wines but only a few white wine – and some dessert wines – can benefit from aeration. Most white wines can be consumed upon pouring, unless they’re too cold, […].
Young red wines, especially those that are high in tannin – such as Cabernet Sauvignons, many red Zinfandels, Bordeaux, many wines from the Rhône Valley, and many Italian wines – actually taste better with aeration because their tannins soften and the wine becomes less harsh.
The younger and more tannic the wine is, the more time it needs to breathe. As a general rule, most tannic, young red wines soften up with one hour of aeration. A glaring exception to the one-hour rule would be many young Barolos or Barbarescos (red wines from Piedmont, Italy, […]); these wines are frequently so tannic that they can practically stand up by themselves without a decanter. They often can benefit from three or four hours of aeration. 2


Perhaps there's still a slightly harsh edge to the acidity - which is not unlike many 1996's today - but this certainly improved with aeration. Still a young and very classy wine, reminds me of a very good premier cru Savigny. 3

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[eəˡreɪʃɵn] 4

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airing 5


1570s, from Fr. aération, from aérer (v.), from L. aer 6

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