potassium bicarbonate


potassium bicarbonate

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Substance used for deacidification of grape juice, must or wine for improving quality or rounding off of flavours. 1


Potassium bicarbonate, KHCO3, neutralizes the two hydrogen ions available on tartaric acid. The byproducts are water and CO2. A o.9 g/L addition of potassium bicarbonate results in a 1 g/L reduction in titratable acidity. Under typical wine conditions and normal use, potassium bicarbonate neutralizes only tartaric acid.
It is best used on high acid and low pH wines. Potassium bicarabonate will cause an increase in pH when used. It also adds potassium to the wine that will require cold stabilization. It is therefore ideal to maintain a pH of less than 3.65 in order to have pH reduction during cold stabilization. Wines above pH 3.65 will experience an increase in pH during cold stabilization. 2


Approved in many countries for use as a fungicide in organic grape growing and as a processing aide in winemaking, potassium bicarbonate [...] can be added to wine in order to deacidify it. 3

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[pətæsiəm bajkɑrbənət] 4

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potassium acid carbonate, potassium hydrogen carbonate 5


potassium: 1807, from modern Latin potassa, Latinized form of potash (q.v.). 6
bicarbonate: 1814, apparently coined by English chemist William Hyde Wollaston. 7

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