pressure tank


pressure tank

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c. n.


Air tight, closed tank used for making sparkling wines (in which secondary fermentation takes place, particularly in the Charmat method). 1


A pressure tank is a closed fermentation vessel and may have a capacity as big as 300 hl. The tanks may be made from materials such as stainless steel or concrete [...].
[...] Modern stainless steel tanks, and design modifications of them such as various autovinifiers, computer-controlled fermentation vessels, self-draining vessels, and such modifications as the Vinomatic automatic vinifier, are closed at the top and automatically offer a high degree of hygiene. 2


Base wine is pumped first into the first pressure tank, where sucrose and yeast suspension are added to give final concentrations of 20g L-1 and 2 x 106 viable cells per ml, respectively. 3

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UK [preʃər tæŋk], US [preʃɚ tæŋk] 4

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Pressure: late 14c., "suffering, anguish; act or fact of pressing on the mind or heart," from O.Fr. pressure (12c.), from L. pressura "action of pressing," from pressus, pp. of premere"to press".

Tank: 1610s, "pool or lake for irrigation or drinking water," a word originally brought by the Portuguese from India, ultimately from Gujarati tankh "cistern, underground reservoir for water," Marathi tanken, or tanka "reservoir of water, tank." Perhaps from Skt. tadaga-m "pond, lake pool," and reinforced in later sense of "large artificial container for liquid" (1690) by Port. tanque "reservoir," from estancar "hold back a current of water," from V.L. *stanticare. 5

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