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Measuring device to determine the alcohol content in wine. 1 2


Its use in the wine industry is based on the fact that alcohol boils at 78.4 °C, a lower temperature than water, so the boiling point of alcohol-water mixtures changes as a function of their concentration. A precision thermometer is involved, to determine the boiling temperature of the wine within 0.02 °C. The boiling point of any liquid depends on the atmospheric pressure, so the zero point has to be set against the boiling point of pure water before starting each test.
The method is fairly quick and sufficiently accurate (+-0.5 %vol) for general purposes.
It is affected by atmospheric pressure changes, a barometric change of 4 mm (during a test) would cause an error of 0.5 % vol. A simple ebulliometer is less accurate than the Distillation method.
There are two modern types of the device that are currently in use. The Swietoslawski ebulliometer relies on an isobaric method. […]
The measurements obtained with this type of ebulliometer are considered to be very exact. […]
An isothermal ebulliometer contains similar components as the isobaric type, but usually involves the presence of a stirring mechanism that is operated by a small pump. […] While not as prominently in use as the isobaric type, there are some wineries that prefer this method. 2


The ebulliometer must be kept clean. Boil out with 1N Sodium Hydroxide after about 50 uses. Boil with distilled water and rinse thoroughly before use after cleaning. 3

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/ɪˌbʌlɪˈɒmɪtə/ 4

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International Scientific Vocabulary ebullio- (from Latin ebullire) + -meter. 5

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Università degli Studi di Genova, Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature Straniere, Corso di Laurea in Teorie e Tecniche della Mediazione Interlinguistica.

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