European red mite


European red mite

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Minute insects which feed on leaf surface cells and which can be an important grapevine pest world-wide. 1


In Europe red mite (Panonychus ulmi) and two types of yellow mite (Eotetranychus carpini and Tetranychus urticae) cause most damage. They feed on green parts of the vine and can affect fruit set and cane ripening, as well as reducing leaf health.
Predatory mites often keep these mites sufficiently under control, although it is important not to destroy them with other sprays. Sulphur sprays applied for erinose or powdery mildew are effective on some types of mite. White oil applied before budbreak or miticides during summer can control mites. 2


Monitoring for European red mite can be accomplished by looking at the underside of the leaves for their presence at the same time you are scouting your vineyard for leafhoppers and grape berry moth. 3

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[ˌjʊə.rəˈpiː.ən red maɪt] 4

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red Spider. 5


European= c.1600, from Fr. Européen, from L. Europaeus, from Gk. Europaios "European," from Europe (see Europe).
red= O.E. read, from P.Gmc. *rauthaz (cf. O.N. rauðr, Dan. rød, O.Fris. rad, M.Du. root, Ger. rot, Goth. rauþs), from PIE base *reudh- (cf. L. ruber, also dial. rufus "light red," mostly of hair; Gk. erythros; Skt. rudhira-; Avestan raoidita-; O.C.S. rudru, Pol. rumiany, Rus. rumjanyj "flushed, red," of complexions, etc.; Lith. raudas; O.Ir. ruad, Welsh rhudd, Bret. ruz "red"). The only color for which a definite common PIE root word has been found. The surname Read/Reid retains the original O.E. long vowel pronunciation.
mite= "Tiny animal," O.E. mite, from P.Gmc. *miton (cf. M.Du. mite, O.H.G. miza, Dan. mide) originally meaning perhaps "the cutter" (from P.Gmc. *mait-, cf. Goth. maitan, O.H.G. meizen "to cut") in reference to its bite. More likely etymology is that its original sense is "something small" (from PIE *mei- "small") in reference to size. 6

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