vertical tasting


vertical tasting

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A comparison of different vintages of the same wine [...] 1


A vertical wine tasting is surveying a series of wines based on vintage years and is a nifty way of experiencing just how unique every year can be in the world of wine.
A vertical tasting is conducted by tasting one wine varietal from the same producer from several vintages.2
[…] tasting the same wine over several vintages can be educational and enlightening in regards to the subtle, or not so subtle, difference from one vintage to the next. It also gives you a chance to compare older vintages of a wine to younger ones, teaching you about how that wine typically ages and evolves with time. 3


Vertical tastings usually progress from youngest to oldest. That’s because young wines tend to be less complex than older wines.4

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[ˈvɜːtɪkl ˈteɪstɪŋ]

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Vertical wine tasting


vertical: 1550s, "of or at the vertex, directly overhead," from Middle French vertical (1540s), from Late Latin verticalis "overhead," from Latin vertex (genitive verticis) "highest point".5
tasting: early 14c., "act of tasting," from Old French tast "sense of touch" (Modern French tât), from taster. From late 14c. as "a small portion given;" also "faculty or sense by which the flavor of a thing is discerned;" also "savor, sapidity, flavor".6

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