vertical shoot positioning


vertical shoot positioning

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c. n.


A training system that is used in conjunction with single or double Guyot, cane pruned training, or with a cordon, spur pruned system. 1


VSP is very common in cool climate regions, with low to moderate vigorous growth, as it provides better air flow. VSP encourages better air flow through the vine. This is accomplished by keeping all the shoots growing vertically, and no vegetative growth below the cordon/cane. The increase in air flow helps prevent problem associated with disease, allowing the fruiting area to dry out quicker after rains. 2


Cultivars with an upright to semi-upright growth habit adapt well to the low cordon system and vertical shoot positioning. Shoot positioning consists of tucking the canes between the sets of catch wires as they develop. 3

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['vɜːtɪkl ʃuːt pə'zɪʃənɪŋ] 4

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Vertical = 1559, "of or at the vertex, directly overhead," from M.Fr. vertical (1545), from L.L. verticalis "overhead," from L. vertex (gen. verticis) "highest point". Meaning "straight up and down" is first recorded 1704.

Shoot = "young branch of a tree or plant," 1450, from shoot (v.). Meaning "conduit for coal, etc." is from 1844. Shoot-out is from 1953.

Positioning = c.1374, as a term in logic and philosophy, from O.Fr. posicion, from L. positionem (nom. positio) "act or fact of placing, position, affirmation," from posit-, pp. stem of ponere "put, place," from PIE *po-s(i)nere, from *apo- "off, away" + *sinere "to leave, let," of obscure origin. Meaning "manner in which a body is arranged or posed" first recorded 1703; specifically in ref. to dance steps, 1778, sexual intercourse, 1883. Meaning "official station, employment" is from 1890. The verb meaning "to put in a particular position" is recorded from 1817. 6

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