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Panel Test

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A sensory analysis test, which expresses professional judgments on the classification of olives of olive oil according to current legislation. 1


An UE rule establishes for the first time quality and pureness features of every olive oil, establishes analysys methods for all UE countries and sets the limit values of the analytical parameters that characterize olive oil ans its commodity-related categories. For the first time has been used a sense method, the "Panel Test" to indicate which category a food product belongs to. 2


Faced with the need to certify the existence of sensory qualities in virgin and extra virgin olive oil and pending the [...] development of a physico-chemical method, the main challenge is to achieve panel test reliability at as low a cost as possible. 3

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/ˈpænəltɛst/ 4

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early 14c., from Old French panel "piece of cloth, piece, saddle cushion" (Modern French panneau), from Vulgar Latin *pannellus, diminutive of Latin pannus "piece of cloth" (see pane). Anglo-French legalese sense of "piece of parchment (cloth) listing jurors" led by late 14c. to meaning "jury." General sense of "persons called on to advise, judge, discuss," etc. is from 1570s. Sense of "distinct part of surface of a wall, door, etc." is first recorded c. 1600.
late 14c., "small vessel used in assaying precious metals," from Old French test, from Latin testum "earthen pot," related to testa "piece of burned clay, earthen pot, shell" (see tete).
Sense of "trial or examination to determine the correctness of something" is recorded from 1590s. The connecting notion is "ascertaining the quality of a metal by melting it in a pot." Test Act was the name given to various laws in English history meant to exclude Catholics and Nonconformists from office, especially that of 1673, repealed 1828. Test drive (v.) is first recorded 1954. 5

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