seedless grape


seedless grape

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c. n.


A green or black smooth skinned edible berry without seeds.


It turns out that most fruits today do not come from seeds. They come from cuttings instead. This is true of grapes, blueberries, apples, cherries, etc. [...]. A piece of a vine or branch is cut off, dipped in rooting hormone and then placed in moist dirt so that roots and leaves form. Because they come from cuttings, new grapevines are essentially clones of the vine they were cut from. Seedless grapes actually do contain seeds at some point. But a genetic error prevents the seeds from forming hard outer coats like normal seeds do.1


Some seedless grape varieties have been grown this way since Roman times (a grape plant that is 2,000 years old)!2

Trascrizione fonetica

[ˈsiːdləs ɡreɪp]3

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Seedless: Middle English sede, side, seed (e), Old English sēd,sǣd; cognate with German Saat, Old Norse sāth, Gothic -seths; (v.) MiddleEnglish seden to produce seeds, derivative of the noun; akin to sow4 + Middle English; Old English lǣs (adv.), lǣssa (adj.); cognatewith Old Frisian lês (adv.), lêssa (adj.)5

Grape: from Old French grape bunch of grapes, of Germanic origin; compareOld High German krāpfo; related to cramp , grapple6

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