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A stem of a vine that has buds and is suitable for grafting.1


Vines can reproduce in one of two ways, sexual or asexual. Sexual reproduction would be planting a seed and allowing it to germinate and sprout into a vine. A seed harvested from a Pinot Noir vine and planted would produce a plant that shares characteristics of the two parent plants but would not be an exact replica. […]
The other way to propagate a vineyard is asexual or what is often called vegetative propagation. This is where a twig of a vine with a bud is cut from the "mother vine" and then either planted directly into the ground to sprout its own roots or, more commonly, grafted onto a specific rootstock. The newly planted or grafted vine is called a clone of the mother vine and is an exact replica. The terms "cuttings" or "budwood" are used to describe the plant material that was cut from the mother vine that will be replicated many times over. This method of cloning provides the winemaker/grower with uniformity in the vineyard which "technically" makes managing the vineyard easier.2


Select some young budwood from a desired species of wine grapes during the late fall and early winter months. The budwood should have at least one leaf bud, ideally more as this will encourage healty sprouting.3

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bud wood


Bud: late 14c., budde, origin unknown, perhaps from O.Fr. boter "push forward, thrust," itself a Germanic word (cf. Du. bot "bud," O.S. budil "bag, purse," Ger. Beutel), or from O.E. budd "beetle." The verb is c.1400.5
Wood: O.E. wudu, earlier widu "tree, trees collectively, the substance of which trees are made," from P.Gmc. *widuz (cf. O.N. viðr, Dan., Swed. ved "tree, wood," O.H.G. witu "wood"), perhaps from PIE *widhu- "tree, wood" (cf. Welsh gwydd "trees," Gael. fiodh- "wood, timber," O.Ir. fid "tree, wood"). Woodsy is from 1860. Out of the woods "safe" is from 1792.6

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