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The act of putting into, or keeping in, bottles. 1


Bottling techniques vary greatly according to the size, resources, technical ability and modernity of the winery, although since the 1960s it has been customary almost everywhere to blend all casks or vats of a given lot of wine together before bottling, and to bottle it all at once. […]
Until recently, the high speed, efficient bottling lines used for everyday wine subjected the wine to considerable aeration and agitation so that wines would not taste as they should for some weeks after bottling, when the dissolved oxygen had fully reacted with the wine components […]. And wines containing residual sugar may well have been subjected to pasteurization and “hot bottled” to ensure microbiological stability. An increasing proportion of even inexpensive wine is bottled more carefully today, borrowing technology from the brewing industry. […] The specific steps involved in bottling are the preparation of the wine itself (blending, analysis, and possibly final filtration) together with the preparation of the bottling line (sterilization and the preparation of the filler, corker or capper, labeller, capsuler, and casing machines, as appropriate). […] Bottling may take place either at any time from a few weeks after harvest or when the wine is many years old […]. On smaller wine estates, bottling normally takes place at an otherwise quiet time for cellar staff such as in the spring or early summer. 2


Bottled wine should be allowed to age at least two and preferably three months to recover from the agitation bottling imposes upon it (so-called “bottle sickness” or “bottling shock”) and to develop a bottle bouquet. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[‘bot-liŋ ‘] 4

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From to bottle – 1346, originally of leather, from O.Fr. boteille,from L.L butticula dim. of L. buttis “a cask”. The verb is first recorded 1641. 5

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