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A wooden container, generally 60-gallons, used for fermenting and/or aging wines. New oak barrels impart aroma and taste to the wine. 1


Barrels might be thought of as one tool in the winemaker's shop that can contribute flavors to wine. Depending upon many variables, barrels offer a broad palate of aroma and flavor possibilities. Tannins, as well as other compounds such as vanillin, leech from the wood into the wine. The porosity of the wood also allows a very small and gradual amount of oxidation to mellow the wine.
Although hardwood species such as chestnut, maple, walnut and others are used in some regions, white oak is by far the most widely used and universally accepted for wine aging.
The variables that affect the character and strength of oak aroma and flavor influences are the type and source of wood, the openness or tightness of the wood grain, barrel size, barrel age, degree of "toasting", length of time the wine is barreled, temperature and humidity of the barrel-aging environment, and treatments during barrel aging, such as stirring of the lees.
[…] Historically, there are many sizes and size names that vary from region to region, with little standardization. Modern barrel sizes are 50-60 gallons (barrique - by far the most common), 80 gallons (hogshead - mainly used in Australia & New Zealand), 120-130 gallons (puncheon), and 265-318 gallons (Fuder or Stück - Germany). Smaller barrels have less wine volume in contact with more wood surface, so generally impart flavor characteristics faster. 2


Barrels are an imporant investment for a winery, in terms of both their cost and their precious contents. 3

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[‘bærel] 4

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Middle English barrel derived from Old French + baril, origin unknown equivalent to barre stave + -il from Latin –ile, neuter of –ilis –ILE). 5

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