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The organism (facultative anaerobes or anaerobes) causing the disease or the condition produced in the wine by large numbers of these bacteria. 1


The organism is an anaerobic bacterium, which occurs as long, slender rods. It may be found in any type of wine with alcohol content of 20 percent or greater. It grows best, however, if the alcohol concentration is not too great. Sugar and other nutrient substances favor its growth. It is inhibited by tannin but very strongly by sulfur dioxide and metabisulfites.
Tourne may be detected by a microscopic examination of the sediment, obtained by centrifuging a sample of the wine, or by analyses of the wine for volatile acids. Taste can also be of some assistance in its detection.
A pasteurization of bottled wine at a temperature of 145 oF for 30 min. is very effective in preventing tourne.
Once wine has been infected by tourne, it should be made brilliantly clear by filtration with selected infusorial earths, or by a clarification with bentonite followed by passage through germproof filters. Sulfur dioxide, or its equivalent of metabisulfite, should then be added to the wine in such quantity that its concentration will be maintained at 75 p.p.m., or greater. All equipment that has been infected should be treated with live stream or a suitable disinfectant to destroy the source of infection. 2


The judicious application of sulfur dioxide, 75 p.p.m., to wines, or pasteurization; the use of a high degree of cleanliness about the plant; sterilization of equipment with steam when necessary; rigid laboratory control should lower the incidence, or prevent, tourne disease of wine. 3

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['tʊən] 4

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c.1250, "action of rotation," from Anglo-Fr. tourn (O.Fr. tour), from L. tornus "turning lathe;" also partly a noun of action from turn (v.). Meaning "an act of turning, a single revolution or part of a revolution" is attested from 1481. 5

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