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Sieving process to remove suspended particles. Less gentle clarification than fining. 1


Filtration, much-discussed wine-making process whereby solid particles are strained out of the wine with various sorts of filter. Filtration is a physical alternative to natural settling and, like centrifugation, requires more expensive equipment but much less patience. Basically, filtration speeds the wine-making process and allows better control, thereby lowering production costs.
There are two general types of filtration. Depth filtration (or sheet filtration) involves use of a relatively thick layer of finely divided material such as cellulose powder, diatomaceous earth, or perlite. As the cloudy wine passes through the layer, small particles are trapped in the tortuous channels and clear liquid passes through. Surface filtration (or membrane filtration), on the other hand, depends upon a thin film of plastic polymer material having uniformly sized holes which are smaller than the particles being removed from the solution. 2


The final bone of real contention is filtration: many of the top producers are implacably opposed to it, and no scientists or biochemists seeking to establish that it has no long-term adverse effects on colour or flavour will change their minds. 3

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[fɪlˈtreɪ.ʃən] 4

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c.1600, perhaps from Fr. filtration (1570s), noun of action from filter “to filter”. 5

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