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The process of making soil more productive of plant growth, as by the addition of organic material or fertilizer. 1


Grapes, like other crops, require adequate supplies of all essential plant nutrients for optimum growth and yield. Most soils contain adequate or near-adequate quantities of all nutrients. Nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and boron are the nutrients most likely to limit grape production in the Midwest. Vineyard fertilizer practices are designed to boost the supply of available soil nutrients to the levels required for optimum growth and fruit production. For successful soil fertilization, growers must accurately determine the nutrient status of the vineyard. Vineyard sites or sections of the same site may vary in the levels of nutrients available to vines. Growers can choose from several methods to determine their vineyard’s nutrient status. Weak growth, poor leaf color and fruit set, and early defoliation indicate low levels of one or more nutrients. Delayed vine and fruit maturity and excessive vigor suggest an over (or late) application of nitrogen. Soil tests are helpful for determining the level of nutrients in the soil. Plant petiole analysis, however, is a very important companion analysis that allows a grower the ability to follow the actual amount of nutrients taken up into the vine. Both forms of analysis should be used to maintain a good working knowledge of a vineyard’s fertility. 2


Unless your soil is very poor, grapes, which are very deeply rooted, don't require much fertilization. 3

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[ˌfɜː.tɪ.laɪˈzeɪ.ʃən] 4

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1436, from L. Fertilis “bearing in abundance, fruitful, productive”, from ferre “to bear”. Fertilize is 1648; its biological sense of “unit with an egg cell” is first recorded 1859. Fertile Crescent (1914) was coined by U.S. archaeologist James H. Breasted (1865 – 1935). Fertilizer as a euphemism for “manure” is from 1846. 5

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