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Matter produced by detrition: esp. material eroded or washed away as gravel, sand, silt etc. 1


Ancient alluvion {''Diluvial detritus'') — including all superficial transported aqueous deposits which are unconnected with the present mechanical action of the waters.
1. This alluvion distinguished generally from common alluvial detritus by its antiquity — position — organic remains — not being in pro-
gress of formation, &c. &c.
2. Proofs of the former action of great denuding currents — forms of mountains — excavation of valleys — position of gorges, &c. — singular relations of many river channels to the elevated regions of
the country.
3. Further proofs, from the nature and position of the transported materials. Examples —
(1) Boulders of the Alps;
(2) Of the north-eastern plains of Europe ;
(3) Of the north of England.
4. Stratified masses of old alluvion — successive epochs of its formation on the flanks of the Alps, &c.
5. Organic remains. — (i.) In rolled masses derived from older formations. — (2.) Land and marine shells. — (3.) Bones of mammalia of extinct and living species, &c. &c. — No human bones (?)
6. Description of some remarkable species.
7. Great local deposits of bones. Examples.
8. Ossiferous Caverns, Osseous Brucias, &c.


The relatively flat, low elevation (compared to surrounding mountainous regions) and semi-arid land within the AVA includes a wide variety of soil types, but is predominantly sand, mud silts, loess, and volcanic detritus on top of sedimentary bedrock. 3

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[dı trΛıtәs] 4

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Debris, rubble. 5


DETR. from detrimental. 6


n., -L. dētritus, ‘ a rubbing away’, fr. détritus, pp. of dēterere. 7

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