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Type genus of the Noctuidae: moths whose larvae are cutworms. 1


The Lesser Yellow Underwing (Noctua comes) is a European common species of moth of the family Noctuidae, as its larger relative Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua Pronuba).
The noctuid cutworms, so named because of their nocturnal habit of severing grapevine plants at or near ground level, can be particularly detrimental in the spring, when a single larva might damage many seedlings over the course of its development. […] As a group, Noctuids tend to be cryptic in coloration and habit. In general, green caterpillars will be found resting on foliage and other green tissues, whereas bark-resting caterpillars tend to be gray or brown and have the ability to flatten out their bodies.
The larvae overwinter in the soil of the vineyard floor and become active when vine buds begin to expand. During the day, the larvae hide in the leaf litter or grass below the vine, and then, climb up into vine to feed on buds on warm evenings. Cutworms are mainly a pest in areas with sandy soils and in vineyards with weeds under the vines. Injury is often worse in years when cool temperatures slow bud development. Vineyards with a history of cutworm damage should be scouted regularly, during bud expansion, particularly after warmer nights. Once shoot expansion begins, vines are no longer at risk. 2 3


In 2005, we found Noctua comes larvae feeding on grape buds at night near Kennewick, Washington. 4

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UK [ˈnɒktjʊə], US [ˈnɑktʃuə] 5

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Synonyms: lesser yellow underwing, large yellow underwing, moth, armyworm. 6


< classical Latin noctua night owl, use as noun of feminine of an unattested adjective < noct-, nox night + -uus , suffix forming adjectives. 7

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