spur-pruned cordon


spur-pruned cordon

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c. n.


System of vertical shoot-positioning according to which the horizontal branches from adjacents vines are trained alternately to the upper and lower support wires. 1


Cordon-trained vines are typically spur-pruned. Just as with cane-pruning, the arm positions of cordons are established by the training process and all fruiting and renewal spurs arise from this area. The arms should be evenly spaced along the cordon, and oriented in the proper direction (up or down depending on the training system). 2


Some older vineyards, mainly Cabernet Sauvignon, have been converted form two-wire vertical to a single spur-pruned cordon with improvements to wine quality. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

UK[spɜːrpruːndˈkɔː.dən] US[spɝːpruːndˈkɔːrən] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Sinonimi: Spurred cordon. 5
Varianti: Spur pruned cordon. 6




Spur: O.E. spura, spora (related to spurnan "to kick,"), from P.Gmc. *spuron (cf. O.N. spori, M.Du. spore, Du. spoor, O.H.G.sporo, Ger. Sporn "spur"), from PIE *spere- "ankle".

Prune: early 15c., prouyne, from O.Fr. proignier "cut back (vines), prune," of unknown origin, perhaps from Gallo-Romance *pro-retundiare"cut in a rounded shape in front," from pro- "forth" + *retundiare "round off," from L. rotundus.

Cordon: mid-15c., "cord or ribbon worn as an ornament," from M.Fr. cordon "ribbon," dim. of O.Fr. corde "cord". 8

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