oxydasic casse


oxydasic casse

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c. n.


The extreme oxidation of must and wine, characterized by coloured haziness and reduced limpidity, when the grapes are insufficiently ripe and affected by rot. 1 2


Oxidasic casse is caused by an enzyme (polyphenolozidase) which makes wine cloud upon exposure to air and change colour - red wines turn brown and white wines turn yellow, forming a deposit after some time. It is often present in wines made from slightly overripe or mouldy grapes. 3
A “cooked” or a rancio (aldehydic) odour also usually develops. A wine may be protected from the action of the phenolase enzyme by the use of sufficient sulfur dioxide or by destroying the oxidase by flash pasteurization at 70° to 85°C (158° to 185° F), according to the condition of the wine. This form of casse is less common in America than in Europe. 4


Laccase is always present, leading to a risk of oxydasic casse. Treatment with SO (6 to 8 g/hl) is indispensable, and contact with air must be avoided in the pre-fermentation phase. 2

Trascrizione fonetica

/ˌɒksɪˈdesɪk kɑs/

Sinonimi e Antonimi

brown casse, browning, oxidasic. 5 6


Casse (break): from the French verb casser (to break) and the Latin verb quassare.
Oxy-: used as a comb. form of oxygen. 7 8

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