serving temperature


serving temperature

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c. n.


The right temperature at which the wine is most enjoyable and tasty. 1


The temperature at which wine is served has a tremendous impact on its taste. Serving wine too cold or too warm will negatively affect its taste and qualities.
A conventional rule of thumb is that red wine should be served at room temperature while white wine should be served chilled. However, we need to be more precise, since room temperature varies from city to city and season to season, and some refrigerators may be set too cold.
On average, for best results, wine must be served at the following temperatures:
• Sparking Wine: 48˚F (9˚ C)
• White Wine: 53˚F (12˚ C)
• Rose Wine: 51˚F (11˚ C)
• Red Wine: 62˚F (17˚ C)
Slight variations of less than +/-10% are acceptable. 2


The 'room temperature' which many regard as the ideal serving temperature for red wines is not an excuse to leave wines languishing in the warmth of today's insulated, centrally heated houses. 3

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UK [ˈsɜːvɪŋ ˈtemprətʃər ], US [ˈsɝːvɪŋ ˈtempɚətʃɚ] [i:no

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Synonym: service temperature. 5


Serve: late 12c., "to render habitual obedience to," from O.Fr. servir "to serve," from L. servire "to serve," originally "be a slave," related to servus "slave," perhaps from an Etruscan word (cf. Etruscan proper names Servi, Serve). […] Serving "a helping of food" is from 1769.

-ing: suffix attached to verbs to mean their action, result, product, material, etc., from O.E. -ing, -ung, from P.Gmc. *unga (cf. O.N. -ing,Du. -ing, Ger. -ung).

Temperature: 1530s, "fact of being tempered," also "character or nature of a substance," from L. temperatura "a tempering, moderation," fromtemperatus, pp. of temperare "to moderate" […]. Sense of "degree of heat or cold" first recorded 1670 (Boyle), from L.temperatura, used in this sense by Galileo. 6

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