selection of bunches


selection of bunches

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c. n.


Selection of grapes during harvesting, to avoid un-ripe or rotten fruit, or to select particularly good bunches. 1


Freshly picked bunches of grapes are typically spread on a sorting table or slowly moving belt so that substandard examples can be plucked off and thrown away. For most wines, clusters that are unevenly ripe, or underripe, or have suffered disease or vine pest damage are rejected. In the production of botrytised sweet wines, however, all but the grapes uniformly infected with noble rot are rejected. Such sorting is a labour-intensive process that requires training and has so far resisted mechanization. 2


Late ripening varieties are harvested using hand-picking as the best type of harvesting. This is for minimal damage to the clusters and so that better selection of bunches is possible. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[sɪˈlek.ʃən əv bʌnt ʃz] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Synonym: triage. 5


Selection: mid-17c., from L. selectionem (nom. selectio), noun of action from pp. stem of seligere.

Of: O.E. of, unstressed form of æf (prep., adv.) "away, away from," from P.Gmc. *af- (cf. O.N. af, O.Fris. af, of "of," Du. af "off, down," Ger. ab "off, from, down"), from PIE *apo- "off, away" […].

Bunch: early 14c., "protuberance on the body, swelling," perhaps echoic of the sound of hitting and connected to bump (cf., possibly,hump/hunch). […]The noun sense of "cluster" is mid-15c.; connection with the earlier sense is obscure, and this may be a separate word, perhaps through O.Fr. bouge (2), 15c., from Flemish boudje dim. of boud"bundle." 6

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