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The process of soaking the skins of red grapes in their grape juice to dissolve the skins’ color, tannin, and other substances in the juice; the term is often used for the entire period during which the skins and juice are in contact, including the period of fermentation. 1


Red wine draws it's color from grape skins, hence the juice needs to be in contact with the skins to extract color and flavor characteristics. This extended contact with skins is called Maceration. Premium Wineries with the ability to control environmental factors (oxygen and temperature) often extend maceration 21 days or longer before initializing fermentation. Most small vintners lack the controls to protect against spoilage and thus start fermentation shortly after crush. Some small vintners convert a chest freezer adding an external thermostat for temperature control and a valve to inject CO2 or Nitrogen. This allows them to control the environment and extend maceration. 2


After the harvest (...) Everything that happens from this point on, from the type of barrel fermentation to the nature of the indigenous yeast and bacteria to the length of maceration or steeping, affects the final wine. 3

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UK [masəˈreɪʃn], US [ˌmæsəˈreɪʃən] 4

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Synonym: steeping. 5


late 15c., from L. macerationem (nom. maceratio), noun of action from pp. stem of macerare. "soften," related to maceria "garden wall," originally "of kneaded clay," from PIE base *mag-/*meg- "to knead" (cf. Gk. magis "kneaded mass, cake," mageus "one who kneads, baker;" O.C.S. mazo "to anoint, smear;" Bret. meza "to knead;" M.Ir. maistir "to churn"). 6

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