red wine making


red wine making

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c. n.


The production of wines with reddish to purple colours. 1


[Type of vinification in which] the fermentation takes place with the skins, in order to extract the active ingredients (principally tannins and anthocyanins) contained therein. 2
The key difference between white and red wine making is that red wine is made by fermenting the juice, skins and seeds together and then pressing the wine. Depending on the style of wine being made and the condition and ripeness of the stalks, whole bunches of grapes are sometimes fermented along with de-stemmed and/or crushed berries. Again, depending on the grape variety, the style of the desired wine and the condition of the fruit, the winemaker chooses whether or not to crush the berries and to what degree. 3


One of the key issues in red wine making is getting the flavour and colour out of the skins. 4

Trascrizione fonetica

[rɛd waɪn 'meɪkɪŋ] 5

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Synonyms: red vinification 6, red wine vinification 7.


Red: before 900; Middle English red, Old English rēad; cognate with German rot, Dutch rood, Old Norse raudhr, Latin rūfus, ruber, Greek erythrós.

Wine: before 900; Middle English (noun), Old English wīn; cognate with Dutch wijn, German Wein, Old Norse vīn, Gothic wein; Latin vīnum; cognate with Greek oînos.

Making: before 900; Middle English maken, Old English macian; cognate with Low German, Dutch maken, German machen. 8

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