roller crusher


roller crusher

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c. n.


A type of crusher consisting of a hopper which loads the grapes, under which there are two adjustable toothed or lobed rubber rollers or stainless steel rollers covered in plastic material rotating in opposite directions, thus nipping and crushing the material passing between them, which is then sent to a collecting tank. 1 2 3


The roller consists of two fluted, horizontal rolls of rubber-coated steel or stainless steel, operated by gears, which turn towards each other during operation. 4


A hand crank crusher is probably the most practical method of crushing for the average home winemaker. Both single and double roller crushers work well. 5

Trascrizione fonetica

UK [rəʊlər krʌʃər], US [roʊ.lɚ krʌʃɚ] 6

Sinonimi e Antonimi

roller = early 15c., "rolling pin," agent noun from roll, c.1300 in intrans. sense of "to move by rotating;" late 14c. as "to move (something) by turning it over and over".

crush = mid-14c., from O.Fr. cruissir (Mod.Fr. écraser), variant of croissir "to gnash (teeth), crash, break," perhaps from Frankish *krostjan "to gnash" (cf. Goth. kriustan, O.Swed. krysta "to gnash").

-er = English agent noun ending, corresponding to L. -or. In native words it represents O.E. -ere (O.Northumbrian also -are) "man who has to do with," from W.Gmc. *-ari (cf. Ger. -er, Swed. -are, Dan. -ere), from P.Gmc. *-arjoz. 7

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