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Stage in the Growth Cycle in which the berries begin to form after fertilisation. 1


The percentage of grapevine flowers that set can range from nil to 100 but in most seeded varieties of grape it ranges from 20 to 50 per cent, depending on vine variety and weather conditions. The setting period of about a week is a nervous one for the vine-grower, since it is a major determinant of the size of the crop, yet the grower can do little to change the course of events. Except in parthenocarpic berries (see GRAPE), poor POLLINATION and fertilization of the ovules which preclude the development of seeds, lead to poor FRUIT SET, or COULURE. 2


The number of fertilizations per fruit was limited by stylar mutilations, and it was found that one embryo is sometimes sufficient for fruit setting but that those with less than five embryos are likely to fall. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[ˈsetɪŋ] 4

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Synonyms: fruit set, set. 5


set: O.E. settan "cause to sit, put in some place, fix firmly," from P.Gmc. *satjanan (cf. O.N. setja, O.Fris. setta, Du. zetten, Ger. setzen), causative form of P.Gmc. root *set- (cf. O.E. sittan "to sit," […]).
-ing: suffix attached to verbs to mean their action, result, product, material, etc., from O.E. -ing, -ung, from P.Gmc. *unga (cf. O.N. -ing,Du. -ing, Ger. -ung). 6

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