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The action or process of refining 1 to improve the organoleptic properties and taste of wine or reduce certain components which are present in excessive amounts. 2


The conventional process for refining wine may be summarized as follows: when fermentation is completed the wine (hereinafter referred to as "crude wine") is racked off, or separated from the lees or sediment. Racking may be repeated several times at intervals, the crude wine being stored in wooden cooperages where aging takes place. The crude wine is then cleared before bottling. Fining agents such as isinglass, gelatine or bentonite clay are used, assisted by processes such as heat treatment, refrigeration and filtration. When a refined wine is bottled young, a special chilling to remove excess tartar is necessary. Even so, the wine frequently produces a slight deposit when aged in the bottle for several years. The refined wine, which has been processed through dreg-separation and subsequent aging, is bottled and marketed as a commodity. Thus, the conventional process for refining wine has an enormous disadvantage in that it is laborious and time-consuming since repeated dreg separation is required. Furthermore, in the conventional method for refining wine, it is very difficult to control the amount of tartar that is precipitated during the aging process so that tartar often precipitates from the wine after bottling. 3


Refinement takes place in small oak barrels for three years and then in the bottle for a further twelve months. 9

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rɪˡfaɪnmənt 6

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maturation 7, élevage 8


1605–15; refine + -ment 4; 1582, of metals, 1588 of manners, from re-, intensive prefix + obs. fine (v.) "make fine," from fine (adj.) "delicate" (q.v.). Cf. Fr. raffiner, It. raffinare, Sp. refinar. General and fig. sense is recorded from 1596; of sugar, from 1613. Refinery in various senses is first recorded 1727. Refinement "act or process of refining" is from 1611; meaning "fineness of feeling" is from 1708. 5

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