age of (a) wine

Old bottles of wine aging in an underground cellar

age of (a) wine

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c. n.


It refers to the quality of a wine in relation to its development. 1


Wine aging refers to a group of reactions that tend to improve the taste and flavor of a wine over time. The term wine 'maturation' refers to changes in wine after fermentation and before bottling. […] The important feature of this phase is that the wine is periodically exposed to air where many oxidative reactions influence the changes in wine composition. The term aging should be reserved to describe changes in wine composition after bottling. After bottling, once the oxygen picked up at bottling is consumed, the wine is in the absence of oxygen. This is called the reductive atmosphere. Many reactions occur during this phase to contribute to the final bottle bouquet. 2


The colour of a red wine will give a clue as to the age of the wine. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

/ 'eɪdʒ əv waɪn/ 4

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Aging of wine.


Age (n.): from Old French aage (11c., Modern French âge) "age; life, lifetime, lifespan; maturity," earlier edage, from Vulgar Latin *aetaticum, from Latin aetatem (nominative aetas), "period of life, age, lifetime, years," from aevum "lifetime, eternity, age," from PIE root *aiw- "vital force, life, long life, eternity".
Of (prep.): unstressed form of æf (prep., adv.) "away, away from," from Proto-Germanic *af, from PIE *apo- "off, away".
Wine (n.): old English win "wine," from Proto-Germanic *winam, an early borrowing from Latin vinum "wine," from PIE *win-o-, probably from a lost Mediterranean language word *win-/*woin- "wine." 5

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