wine and food matching


wine and food matching

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c. n.


The process of pairing a food with complementary flavours, aromas and textures found in wine. 1


It can be a nuanced art and the life-long study of oenophiles and sommeliers. In very up-scale dining situations, it is not uncommon for each dish in a multi-course meal to be matched with a different wine. While individual taste certainly plays a large role in wine and food pairing, there are traditionally accepted guidelines. However, it is worth noting that a well-selected, non-traditional pairing can bring an unexpected or exciting new dimension to a meal. […]
A useful perspective is to match the food of a country or region with wines also from that country or region. Most Italian wines will match well with pizza, pasta or risotto, for example, if the dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes. And the contrary is also relevant: a French wine from Bordeaux, for example, may not sit comfortably alongside dishes incorporating olive oil or spices, ingredients alien to Bordeaux's indigenous cuisine. 2


This is understandable because much of what we know about wine and food matching is a priori – a matter what we know from tried-and-true experience. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[waɪn ənd fuːd 'mætʃɪŋ] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

wine and food pairing 5


wine = O.E. win, from P.Gmc. *winam (cf. O.S., O.Fris., O.H.G. win, O.N. vin, Du. wijn, Ger. Wein), an early borrowing from L. vinum "wine," from PIE *win-o-, from an Italic noun related to words for "wine" in Gk. (oinos), Armenian, Hittite, and non-I.E. Georgian and West Semitic (cf. Arabic wain, Heb. yayin), probably from a lost Mediterranean language word *win-/*woin- "wine"

and = O.E. and, ond, originally meaning "thereupon, next," from P.Gmc. *unda (cf. O.S. endi, O.Fris. anda, M.Du. ende, O.H.G. enti, Ger. und, O.N. enn), from PIE *en; cognate with L. ante, Gk. anti

food = O.E. foda, from P.Gmc. *fodon (cf. Goth. fodeins), from Gmc. root *fod-

match = O.E. mæcca, from gemæcca "companion, mate, wife, one suited to another," from P.Gmc. *gamakon "fitting well together" (cf. O.H.G. gimah "comfort, ease," M.H.G. gemach "comfortable, quiet"), from PIE base *mak-/*mag- "to fit"

-ing = [...] from O.E. -ing, -ung [...] used to form nouns from verbs

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