rosé winemaking


rosé winemaking

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c. n.


Production of wines whose colour falls somewhere in the spectrum between red and white. 1


To make a pink or red wine, you of course need pigment from dark-skinned grapes. All reds are made by prolonged contact with dark grape skins. Most (still) rosés are made by very brief maceration of dark grape skins with the juice. [...] The juice is then separated from the skins by draining or pressing and fermentation proceeds as in white wine-making.
Many basic rosés are made by blending a small amount of finished red wine into a finished white wine. While a pinkish colour can be achieved by this process, the hue and flavour of such a wine are quite different from those of a wine made by short-term maceration. 2


Exactly how long the vatting time should last is one of the questions that make rosé winemaking so delicate. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

UK [rəʊzeɪ waɪn meɪkɪŋ], US [roʊˈzeɪ waɪn meɪkɪŋ] [i:note num

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Varianti: rosé-making process (US), rose wine making (US). 5


rosé = light red wine, 1897, from Fr. vin rosé, lit. "pink wine."

wine = O.E. win, from P.Gmc. *winam (cf. O.S., O.Fris., O.H.G. win, O.N. vin, Du. wijn, Ger. Wein), an early borrowing from L. vinum "wine," from PIE *win-o-, from an Italic noun related to words for "wine" in Gk. (oinos), Armenian, Hittite, and non-I.E. Georgian and West Semitic (cf. Arabic wain, Heb. yayin), probably from a lost Mediterranean language word *win-/*woin- "wine."

make = O.E. macian, from W.Gmc. *makojanan (cf. O.S. makon, O.Fris. makia "to build, make," M.Du. maken, O.H.G. mahhon, Ger. machen), from PIE *mag- "to knead, mix, make".

-ing = suffix attached to verbs to mean their action, result, product, material, etc., from O.E. -ing, -ung, from P.Gmc. *unga (cf. O.N. -ing, Du. -ing, Ger. -ung). 6

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