retro-nasal sensations


retro-nasal sensations

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c. n.


Mixture of gustatory and olfactory sensations resulting from the air expelled through the passage existing between mouth and nose during swallowing. 1


Sniffing a wine brings the aromas in contact with the smell center, which is [...] located at the top of the nasal cavity, behind the eyes. Smelling nasally tells you how old a wine is, its fruit characteristics, grape variety and defects [...]. When you take a sip of wine, because the mouth is connected to the nose via the retro-nasal passage, you smell the wine again. […] as you swallow, your mouth is closed, forcing you to exhale through your nose. In so doing, the residual wine vapors in your mouth are carried - retro-nasally - to the smell center. Swallowing aides retro-nasal olfaction; expectorating limits retro-nasal olfaction and therefore our ability to fully appreciate a wine's aromas. 2


Flavor sensations include the taste sensations [...] plus two other groups: the trigeminal and retro-nasal sensations. These groups include the flavors of spiciness, fruitiness and fattiness. 3

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/retrə 'neɪzəl sen'seɪʃən/ 4

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Retro-nasal olfactory sensations, after-smell.


Retro-: from Latin retro (prep.) "backward, back, behind," also of time, "formerly, in past times," probably originally the ablative form of *reteros, based on re- "back".
Nasal (adj.): 1650s, "of the nose," from French nasal, from Latin nasus "nose, the nose, sense of smell," from PIE *nas-.
Sensation (n.): from French sensation (14c.) and directly from Medieval Latin sensationem (nominative sensatio), from Late Latin sensatus "endowed with sense, sensible," from Latin sensus "feeling". 5

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