rooted cutting


rooted cutting

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A piece of grape vine, usually 10 to 20 inches long, cut from a dormant vine in wintertime for use in propagating new vines in spring. 1


Rooted cuttings are obtained by taking cuttings of approximately 250-300 mm from a parent vine which will then be placed in a cuttings bed where they will be allowed to grow and develop a root structure. This usually happens after one or two summers’ growth. The rooted cuttings are then lifted and sorted and can be planted out in the vineyard. Vines produced in this ways are cheap and the process can be done by a vineyard owner taking wood from his own or from a neighbour’s vineyard. 2


By 1947 rooted cuttings from these vines were fairly widespread in the district. 3

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[ˈruːtɪd ˈkʌtɪŋ] 4 5

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rootling 6


From "underground part of a plant," late Old English rot, from Old Norse rot "root," from Proto-Germanic *wrot, *vrot (with characteristic loss of -w- before -r-), from PIE *wrd-. The Old English cognate was wyrt "root, herb, plant"; also cognate with Latin radix. The usual Old English words for "root" were wyrttruma and wyrtwala.
From cut: late 13th century, possibly Scandinavian, from North Germanic *kut- (cf. Swedish dialectal kuta "to cut," kuta "knife," Old Norse kuti "knife"), or from Old French couteau "knife." Replaced Old English ceorfan, sniþan, and scieran. 7

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