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Astringent acid imparted by stalks, pips and skins in the making of red wines, noticeable by a gum-frying sensation on the palate; it helps to preserve wine as it matures. 1


The chemical process in which tannins modifies saliva is actually quite interesting. The tannin molecules combine with the protein molecules in our saliva-destroying the saliva's ability to lubricate the mouth. The amount, or extent in which the tannins may cause astringency is a strong function of the polymerization of the tannin molecule. Typically, as a wine ages, the degree polymerization of the tannin actually increases for the first few years so wines will be more tannic in this stage. But, once the tannin molecules reach a high degree of polymerization, they actually begin to lose the capability to combine with the proteins in saliva so the astringency associated with the tannin will be decreased, while the favorable characteristic of the tannin will be maintained. In addition, during this period some of the tannins will begin participate out of the wine. At this point, the wine has reached its ideal period in which to drink--known as the "maturity plateau". 2


Tannins in grape skins and seeds (the latter being especially harsh) tend to be more noticeable in red wines, which are fermented while in contact with the skins and seeds. 5

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[ˈtæn ɪn] 4

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Vegetable substance capable of converting animal hide to leather, 1802, from Fr. tannin (1798), from tan "crushed oak bark containing tannin" (see tan). Tannic acid first recorded 1836, from Fr. acide tannique, inroduced 1834 by Pelouze. 3

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