malolactic fermentation


malolactic fermentation

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c. n.


Conversion of stronger malic acid naturally present in new wine into weaker lactic acid and carbon dioxide. 1


Malolactic fermentation has three distinct but interrelated effects on wine quality. It reduces acidity, influences microbial stability, and may affect the sensory characteristics of the wine. The reduction in acidity increases the smoothness and drinkability of red wines, but excessive reduction generates a flat taste. 2
Malolactic fermentation may follow alcoholic fermentation to soften any aggressive acidity. Some white grapes varieties work well with malolactic fermentation, whereas other may not. 3


[...] if the winemaker wants vinosity, roundness, "volume" and that character which a certain aging brings, malolactic fermentation will promote it. 4

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UK[ˌmaləʊˈlaktɪk fɜːmənˈteɪʃən] US ˌmæloʊˈlæktɪ

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Synonyms: secondary fermentation. 6


Malo, MLF. 7


Malolactic: < French malo-lactique (A. Rosenstiehl 1908, in Revue de Viticulture 29 512) < mal- (in malique malic adj.) + -o- -o- connective + lactique lactic adj., probably after scientific Latin malolacticus as specific epithet of Micrococcus malolacticus (W. Seifert 1901, in Zeitschr. f. Landwirtschaftliche Versuchswesen in Oesterreich 4 987).

Fermentation: < Latin fermentātiōn-em, n. of action < ferment-āre to < French ferment, < Latin fermentum, < root of ferv-ēre to boil. 8

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