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A barrel or small wooden cask used for ageing wine; it holds 225 litres which will produce 288 bottles of wine. 1


The most famous of the barrel types, Bordeaux’s relatively tall 225-l/59-gal wooden cask with thinnner staves than the Burgundian pièce and most other barrels. 2
Because barriques are small the surface area of the inside of the barrels is large relative to the volume of wine they contain, and they consequently have a profound influence on the wine. First of all, they stabilize the color of the wine, which tends to be a deeper, darker red. They also have a tremendous influence on the bouquet, adding notes of spice and vanilla (the latter from the toasting of the barrels), and other complexities as well. Finally, they influence the wine on the palate, adding nicely rounded tannins that make it fuller, adding complexity to the texture, and affecting the taste and finish. 3


The use of new oak barriques has become a key issue in determining the style (and the quality) of the wine. 4

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[baʀik] 5

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Barrel 6


F.f. barrique cask f. Sp. barrica, rel. to BARREL. 7

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