film-forming yeasts


film-forming yeasts

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Aerobic yeast (Saccharomyces or Candida) which forms a chalky white film on the surface of wine. 1


Film-forming yeasts, sometimes called film yeasts, comprise a large group of several genera and many species of wild yeasts, all of which require oxygen for their metabolism. For this reason they appear on the surface of wine in barrels or vats that are not kept completely filled. Some of them, such as flor, can add desirable aromas and flavours, others produce off-flavours, while others are essentially inert. [...] Film-forming yeasts perform a vital function in the production of wines such as Flor sherry, Tokay and Vin Jaune. 2


Film-forming yeasts are able to form a pellicle on the surface of certain dry wines. 3

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[fɪlm-fɔ:miŋ ji:st] 4

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  • Film: before 1000; 1890-95 for def. 6; 1900-05 for def. 7; Middle English filme, Old English filmen membrane; akin to fell; 5
  • Form: 1175-1225; Middle English forme < Old French < Latin forma form, figure, model, mold, sort, Medieval Latin: seat;6
  • -ing: Middle English, Old English, -ing, -ung; 7
  • Yeast: before 1000; Middle English ye (e) st (noun), Old English gist, gyst; cognate with Dutch gist, German Gischt yeast, foam, Old Norse jastr, yeast, Greek zestós boiled, Sanskrit yásati (it) boils. 8
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