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n.; pl. stamens or stamina


The male of fertilizing organ of a flowering plant, consisting of two parts, the anther, which is a double-celled sac containing the pollen, and a filament, a slender footstalk supporting the anther. 1


The stamens are the pollen-bearing organs of the flower. Since the stamens are opposite the petals in the arrangement of the floral parts, they are usually present in equal numbers. Each stamen is made up of a stalk or filament […], at the tip of which is the anther […]. The filament serves merely to support the anther, which performs the essential function of the stamen–pollen production. An anther consists of two lobes running lengthwise, and each lobe is divided into two longitudinal cavities, the pollen sacs. 2


Flowering in grape occurs at the basal nodes of current season's growth in all species. Perfect flowered muscadines have longer stamens, while the pistillate flowers have short, reflexed stamens. 3

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[ˈsteɪmən] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

"pollen-bearing organ of a flower," 1668, from Mod.L. (1625, Spigelus), from L. stamen "stamen" (Pliny), lit. "thread of the warp" in the upright loom (related to stare "to stand"), from PIE *sta-men- (cf. Gk. stemon "warp," also used by Hesychius for some part of a plant, Goth. stoma, Skt. sthaman "place," also "strength"), from base *sta- "to stand".5

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