straggly cluster

straggly cluster

straggly cluster

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Etichetta grammaticale

c. n.


Bunch of grapes characterized by thin, small grapes. 1


The clusters may vary considerably in the number of berries that have set on each cluster, some being compact, some tight, some loose and some straggly. The most desirable are those loose to well-filled allowing sufficient room for each berry to develop.
The commercial grower who self-propagates plants should make sure the source vines are true-to-name and free of atypical characteristics such as straggly clusters, very short internodes and malformed or stunted leaves that may indicate virus infection. 2


In some cases kicker canes are used on spur pruned vines to increase production. However, cane pruning is generally not recommended due to the potential for overcropping and the production of loose, straggly clusters with reduced berry size. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

['strægli 'klʌstəɹ] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Sinonimi: loose cluster, loose-packed cluster. 5


Straggly: from the verb to straggle = wander scatteringly from the direct course XIV perhaps alteration of *strackle, formed on (dialectal) strake move, go, formed on *strak- base of stretche.

Cluster: collection of things close together. Old English Clyster, (rare) cluster, also geclystre bunch of grapes, probably formed on *klut. 6

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